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Ben Phillips - Co-Founder Director    864-933-2547                              

Dennis Lavold - Co-Founder Director 

Linda Lavold - Board of Director 

Mike Morehead - Board of Director       

Bonnie F. Ginepro - Board of Director

Chris Bowen - Board of Director

Carrie Bowen - Board of Director

Monica Morehead - Board of Director

Lois Bryson - Board of Director

Core Financial - Finance Operations

Jackson Hewitt - Tax Operations

Michaela Swedberg - Community Relations Director

Hannah Wilson - Office

Other Volunteers that make the difference in 2018


Leah Anderson, Savannah Williamson, Alexia Moorehead, Kathryn Pruitt

Morgan Walsh Deane - Lead Photographer - Claus Factor

Issac Morehead - Santa Lodge

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