2017 Entertainment ACL Show

November 24        Broken Spoke Wagon - Buttons

November 25        Broken Spoke Wagon - Buttons

November 26        Broken Spoke Wagon -  Princess Night

November 27        Take Note - Clemson - on the Home Depot Stage

November 28        Sip & Shop - Buttons

November 29        Clemson Tiger with Rally Cats - East Side Cheerleaders


November 30          L. C. Branch - on the Home Depot Stage

December 1            Broken Spoke Wagon - Buttons

December 2            Broken Spoke Wagon -

December 3            Broken Spoke Wagon - Princess Night

December 4            Take Note - Clemson - on the Home Depot Stage


December 5          Sip & Shop - Buttons

December 6          Clemson Tiger with Clemson Cheerleaders

December 7          L. C. Branch - on the Home Depot Stage

December 8          Broken Spoke Wagon - Calhoun Academy of the Arts

December 9          Broken Spoke Wagon - Evie Clair on the Home Depot Stage 


December 10         Broken Spoke Wagon -  Princess Night

December 11         L. C. Branch - on the Home Depot Stage

December 12         Sip & Shop - Starr Elementary School Chorus (6:30p)

December 13         Buttons - Clemson Tiger

December 14         L. C. Branch - on the Home Depot Stage

December 15         Broken Spoke Wagon -


December 16         Broken Spoke Wagon - Buttons

December 17         Broken Spoke Wagon - Princess Night

December 18         Buttons

December 19         Sip & Shop -

December 20         Clemson Tiger


December 21         Buttons

December 22         Broken Spoke Wagon -

December 23         Broken Spoke Wagon – Buttons


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TakeNote is Clemson University's exclusive all female A cappella ensemble. The group is comprised of 12-16 women selected from the larger Clemson choral ensembles by audition. The ladies perform music ranging from 60's to contemporary song arrangements. 

TakeNote, in its 20th year as a Clemson University breakout group, continues to perform at a variety of venues such as the President's Box during football games, baseball games, Tigerama Pep Rally, local schools, and at various community functions.

TakeNote has had one of their mashups retweeted by Carrie Underwood, and been on CNN's HLN all in less than a year.

TakeNote is dedicated and enthusiastic about sharing their musical talent, not only with those at Clemson University, but also with those all over the world. Takenote's CD, "Voices of the Valley" was given the highest score of 5 from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board and is currently available on iTunes.

Take Note has received considerable honors for:

Nomination for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award 
Winning 1st Place in the Southeast Semi-Finals of Internation Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) 
Placing runner-up for Favorite Female Collegiate Group in the A Cappella Community Awards 
Being featured on The Best of Collegiate A Cappella (BOCA) CD 2006 for their track "Hallelujah" 
Winning a national competition celebrating Carrie Underwood's decade of singing and receiving recognition by Carrie Underwood

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