Tour Bus Friendly!         Clearance of 13 feet.    2.4 miles of Lights

The price for entry is $10 per car for as much time as you want in the park, until you leave. 

We are located at 520 Woodcrest Drive, Anderson, SC 29621. Across from Civic Center. Our main enterance is on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

For more information concerning Anderson Christmas Lights please feel free to contact us. 

This year we will be working with Anderson-Oconee Speech and Hearing, Cancer Association of Anderson, and others.

Make sure to follow all traffic direction signs in the park.  We only have one way streets.

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Anderson Christmas Lights is not affiliated, owned, organized, operated by the City of Anderson, or any government agency.                                                               The lights are owned by Dennis Lavold and Ben Phillips, operated by volunteers like you.                                             Presented by Anderson Lights of Hope                                                     Copyright 1995 - 2017 Anderson Lights of Hope